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Required documents during a real estate sale

For all types of properties :

  • Certificate of location and / or picket certificate for a lot or land.

  • Municipal and school tax bills for the current year

  • Deed of sale

  • Deed of loan and / or statement of your mortgage or receipt

  • Leases for an income property or intergenerational property ( with bachelor )

  • Invoices for renovations made on property and / or warranty if applicable.

  • Statement of monthly fees for electricity, gas, oil ...

  • Service or maintenance contract ( water heater rental with Hydro Solution, alarm system, maintenance of the furnace ... )

  • Inspection report, water test, pyrite test, major work invoice, etc.

  • Compliance of septic installations ( Please ask the report to your municipality )

When you have a co-ownership :

  • Declaration of co-ownership

  • Quotations

  • Minutes

  • Financial statements

  • Building rules

  • Indivision agreement

When you have a commercial building :

  • The following documents that are available : purchase contract or any other title of ownership, tax statements and receipts, insurance documents, leases and documents pertaining to the premises, apparatus and equipment, deed of assignment of leases, documents relating to loans and security, plan, water analysis, soil analysis, environmental report, service and employment contract (with employees or contractuals), collective agreement, proxy and resolution authorizing this agreement, declaration of co-ownership, any act of amendment and the by-laws of the immovable, inventory of movable property, franchise contract, permit, list of creditors, documents concerning the operations and profitability of the entreprise, declaration of registration and, generally, any document concerning the entreprise.