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Home staging


When you decide to sell your property, the residential valuation aims to optimize the best elements of your home in order to sell it quickly at the highest price. It also involves becoming aware of the value of the property and targeting the potential buyer. It's not just about decoration, but about a marketing tool. Our plan is to eliminate all the reasons why a potential buyer would not make an offer to buy on your property!

We are developing a plan to renew, repair, refresh, retouch and tidy up what is lying around. The work can range from the application of a coat of paint to the laying of a more modern floor. They aim to meet the needs of potential buyers and appeal to a wide audience. Our expertise allows us to identify the renovations to be made that will have the greatest impact and give you the best return on investment.

As each house is unique, we work according to the specific needs of the location and the seller's budget. The development of a property can be very simple or a little more sophisticated, but for sure, it is your home that will come out winner!

The amount invested in your property during home staging will be returned to you because you increase its market value!

Available services:

  • Consultation

  • Interior Designer

  • Home staging

  • Makeovers

  • Staining plan

  • Redevelopment of rooms

  • Custom shopping

  • Property Analysis

  • Coordination of works

  • Window dressing

  • Rental of decorative accessories

Here are some good reasons to have home staging done before marketing your property!

  • Increased chance to generate interest in online shopping

  • You offer a very competitive property and at its fair value

  • The architecture and features of the property are highlighted

  • Properties are  usually sold faster and at a better price.

  • You create a crush on potential buyers during visits with a decor and a conducive atmosphere

  • Well presented property is a sign that it has been well maintained