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The required documents during a mortgage

Division: Mortgage loans (standard)

  • Copy of credit bureaus (Equifax Canada)

  • Leases (if applicable)

  • Municipal and School Tax Accounts

  • Description sheet of the building to be mortgaged

  • Promise to purchase accepted

  • Recent mortgage statement

  • Proof of cash

Proof of cash

  • Investment Statement / RRSP

  • Statement of bank accounts

Employment - Revenues

  • Recent pay stub (with cumulative)

  • Federal and provincial family allowances

  • Certficate of Employment (indicating date of employment, gross salary, position)

Self-employed - Part-time status or temporary status

  • Federal & Provincial Notice of Assessment for the last 2 years

  • Tax report for the last 2 years

  • Balance sheet of the company if owner or T1 General


  • Plan and estimate

  • Preliminary contract

Division: Private Mortgage Loans - Alternative Lenders (Non-Standard Loans)

  • Bill of sale

  • Loan deed

  • Certificate of location

  • Municipal and school tax accounts

  • Mortgage statement to date

  • Leases (if applicable)

  • List of work to be done (if applicable)

  • Evaluation report (if available)