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Mr. Raffa becomes your listing broker and your property will be sent to all brokers and clients using Centris, Realtor * Matrix. A client can search the website with its search criteria. Also, customers who are with a broker (for their purchase) receive the properties according to their search criteria (price, city, and other criteria they want) in a custom Matrix portal.


We will have to cancel our present contract together and then you could opt for another banner. Know that you would not have more exposure with big banners known. We post on the same Centris network. In addition to having to pay around 5% plus taxes with a big banner and usually without the possibility of selling on your own.

With Vendre-Ma-Maison you have the right to sell for yourself without commission (just the cost of the package) and about 55% of our customers manage to sell by themselves. If there is a collaborating broker who brings a customer with a promise to purchase, you pay 2% + taxes. In addition, we display our properties on more than 10 websites.


No. You will not be able to keep visibility on Sell-My-House and the 10 sites if you opt for another broker. With Sell-My-House, it's Marc-André Raffa who is your broker and the portal is Vendre-Ma-Maison. By cons, if you have an ad on Proprio or other site not exclusively for brokers you can keep it.


In fact, because you have the ability to sell on your own and your phone numbers on the sign and ads, agentless customers are redirected directly to you. (So ​​the cost of the package - 0% commission).

Marc-André Raffa, therefore do not bring buyers because customers are redirected to you. (So ​​0%)

If there is a broker collaborator of another banner that brings a customer with a promise to purchase it is 2% + taxes (or the% establishes in your file).

Sell ​​by yourself: package cost - 0% commission
Marc-André Raffa: package cost - 0% commission
Collaborating broker: the cost of the package + 2% + taxes


False. Nowadays everything happens with the Internet. People shop properties on the Internet, look at the pictures and details listed in your listing. They select the cards that interest them and the others are rejected. So, it is important to have an Internet exposure on major major sites and beautiful photos.

Vendre-Ma-Maison announce on more than ten websites including Centris & Realtor; most viewed. With our team, you will get HD quality photos. These photos are your business card to attract potential buyers.


Quickly! Mr. Marc-André Raffa personally meets all his clients. We are 100% digital and we have a working process that allows us speed and economy for our customers. Photos are made during the meeting, as well as the installation of your personalized sales sign with your phone number.


About 24 to 48 hours following the meeting. From the signing of the sales contracts digitally, we can announce your profile on Centris & Realtor. When finalized, you will receive a copy in your client file on


The owner can sell by himself assisted by an experienced real estate broker, Marc-André Raffa, one of the few to offer a fixed package concept!

0% commission if sold by the owner - 3 choices of fixed packages 2% commission for access to Centris & Realtor - if sold by a collaborating broker

It's the same Centris & Realtor as all real estate brokers in Quebec. SAVE more than 50% in comparison commission 5% About 65% of our customers manage to sell directly: 0% commission and the cost of a fixed price.

Example property $ 300,000:
VMM: if sold by the owner: 0% commission and cost of the chosen package
VMM: if collaborating broker: 2% commission with taxes = 6898.50 $ + cost of the chosen package
Other agency: 5% commission + taxes = 17 246.25 $

What savings when dealing with!


In the basic package, private purchase offers are sold at a cost of $ 300 each. In the luxury package the private purchase offers are included. All offers received by a collaborating broker are included in all packages.


Real estate changes in recent years, commissions are becoming more expensive for sellers in the process of selling their property and brokers need to adapt.

We have reduced our operating costs:

  • Elimination of belonging to a real estate agency (fees, fees, etc.)
  • We are fully digital (no paper document)
  • Electronic document management
  • Etc...

By simplifying the way you work, our team can focus on customer service and your customer needs all while keeping prices affordable and accessible.

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